Initial Demonstration of the Selkie Operations & Maintenance Tool

Initial Demonstration of the Selkie Operations & Maintenance Tool

The Selkie open access Operation & Maintenance (O&M) decision-support tool has been developed to access a wide range of different wave and tidal technologies.  The O&M tool allows users to simulate operations considering uncertain factors such as weather window time and failures and analyse their impact on O&M costs, device availability and power production of a project.  The O&M tool will enable users to optimise the logistics required for the installation and O&M phase e.g. the selection of ports, offshore vessel fleet, schedule activity, operational strategy etc.

The model of the O&M tool has been designed to consider the key logistics activities for the installation and O&M phase of an ocean energy array (wave and tidal):

  • Installation of the device and substructure
  • O&M for components specified by user
  • Only one maintenance activity can occur on a device at any one time
  • Where overlaps occur for Corrective Maintenance (CM) and Preventative Maintenance (PM), CM tasks are prioritised but PM task(s) remain to be completed
  • Where multiple failures occur for same component on a single device, the model randomly selects which occurs and deletes the other(s)

In the video above, O&M tool development lead Dr Mitra Delivand, presents a case study demonstration of the tool which provides further detail on the tool’s capability and functionality.

The O&M tool will be compatible with Windows and has been coded in C#.  The model and code will be made available on github shortly.

For any enquiries that you may have regarding the tool please contact: