Selkie Project Shortlisted to Pitch and Exhibit at the Atlantic StakeHolder Conference 2021

Selkie Project Shortlisted to Pitch and Exhibit at the Atlantic StakeHolder Conference 2021

The Selkie Project were delighted to be invited to participate at the 8th Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference (ASPC 2021), which took place on 21st October 2021.  ASPC 2021 was held after the launch of the Atlantic Action plan 2.0 – A new approach to the Atlantic Maritime Strategy.  The occasion provided stakeholders of the Atlantic Community the opportunity to review the state-of-play of the Atlantic Action Plan and considered its way forward. It also presented opportunities to introduce the Community to new players, projects and innovative ways to collaborate toward its implementation.

ASPC 2021 was organised as a hybrid event which was hosted at the Convention Centre Dublin, Ireland and was also livestreamed online. TJ Horgan, Selkie Project manager attended in person and presented a project pitch (which can be watched above), to a live panel consisting of the host Catherine Freides – Atlantic Assistance Mechanism, Reuben Eiras – Secretary-General Forum Oceano and Ella Nilakanthi Ford – CEO & Business coach KFV Consulting Satamana.

Selkie’s further involement in ASPC 2021 was in the form of a virtual exhibition booth which which was featured on the event platform amongst other note worthy projects; MaRINET, CCAT, MarLEM and MATES to mention a a few. 

Further highlights of the day included:

  • Inspiring and engaging talks from thought leaders, change agents, opportunity investors and “doers” in the area of Atlantic cooperation
  • The 5th Atlantic Project Awards, featuring a new category: “The Atlantic Investor of the Year”
  • What’s new and what’s next for the Atlantic Action Plan 2.0
  • Interactive parallel stakeholder-driven workshops 
  • Matchmaking and networking meetings

The conference was a superb opportunity to communicate and disseminate Selkie’s key objectives and project outputs during a year in which many in-person events have been cancelled by COIVID19 restrictions. Reflecting on a question posed by Reuben Eiras, on how much time and money will the Selkie Project outcomes save the industry? TJ brought the pitch to a purposeful conclusion commenting, ” We need business engagement, we need more people to use these tools, test them, give us feedback and participate in the project which was one of the main reasons I came here today, to spread the word and ask for business participation from everyone across the Marine Renewable Energy supply chain.”