Spotlight on the SELKIE Network – Hydrographic Surveys Ltd

Spotlight on the SELKIE Network – Hydrographic Surveys Ltd

Hydrographic Surveys Ltd

Established in 1979, Hydrographic Surveys Ltd are an experienced marine survey company based in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, Ireland. They have been providing bathymetric survey solutions to their clients for the last 40 years and have seen the industry change drastically. They started in the time of hand drawn maps and trisponders and now look forward to the future of hydrographic surveying using the latest GNSS and echo-sounding technologies. They have been involved in dredging campaigns across the UK, Ireland and Europe and have worked closely with all the leading dredging contractors. Among their capabilities are the following:

  • High Resolution Multibeam
  • Single beam
  • Side scan sonar
  • Magnetometer
  • River bed surveys, including river velocity

With a suite of geophysical and marine environmental survey services, Hydrographic Surveys Ltd are well equipped to cover a range of marine surveying needs. Whether you are interested in establishing site suitability or monitoring environmental changes, they have the technology and experience required.

With a keen interest in a number of marine industries, Hydrographic Surveys Ltd are delighted to be a part of the Selkie network to learn more about the marine energy industry, hear about Selkie tool development, and network with like-minded ocean energy businesses and supply chain companies.


To find out more about Hydrographic Surveys Ltd, including further details on their marine and land-based services, please visit their website here.

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