Spotlight on the Selkie Network – Limerick Wave

Spotlight on the Selkie Network – Limerick Wave

Limerick Wave Ltd. is a wave energy research company that is twelve years old. Limerick Wave have concentrated on Power Take Of (PTO) systems.

Limerick Wave’s mission is to turn the mechanical power of the waves into electrical power for general consumption. Limerick Wave Ltd. has developed an innovative Power Take Off (PTO) technology called Aontreo. The use of the PTO technology in this area is novel in that its rotation is uni-directional despite the bi-directional natural oscillation of the flotation device. (Patent Application No. 10723800.8 •Patent Grant No. 2425123)

The Aontreo PTO is a Mechanical Motion Rectifier (MMR) that seamlessly turns the bi-directional natural oscillation of a WEC flotation device into uni-directional rotation to turn an electrical generator.

What is unique and novel about the Aontreo PTO?

  1. The Aontreo is a mechanical motion rectifier (MMR), that is, able to turn two-way motion into one-way motion, which then rotates a generator in one direction to produce electricity. 
  2. The Aontreo PTO has designed out the biggest challenge of wave energy conversion (WEC) PTOs, that is, there is no “End Stop” in the Aontreo PTO.
  3. The Aontreo PTO is not rigidly fixed to the WEC, that is, if the WEC becomes compromised the Aontreo PTO is not compromised.
  4. The output from the Aontreo PTO can move under its own inertia, so if the input stops, the output keeps moving.
  5. The Aontreo PTO will work with input movement of +/- 1 degree.
  6. The Aontreo PTO operates with a turning pair through “one degree of freedom”.
  7. Mechanical input to the Aontreo PTO can change input direction instantly under conditions of “low speed/high torque” and “high speed/low torque”.
  8. The Aontreo PTO is scalable in the same way as a solid drive shaft is scalable.

Limerick Wave’s target audience is WEC developers whose technology uses relative (two way) motion. Limerick Wave want to get WEC developers to use the Aontreo PTO technology with their WEC technology. Limerick Wave want to work with the WEC developers and when the Aontreo PTO technology is proven Limerick Wave will seek to share in the financial return of having a working WEC + PTO. Smartbay facilitated the testing of the Sea-Power WEC device on their test site 2016/2017, this has provided Limerick Wave with invaluable data in the design of the Aontreo PTO.

Selkie have supported Limerick Wave through its webinars, workshops and networking sessions in letting developers in this sector to know about our PTO technology.

The Aontreo Power Take Off (PTO) disruptive technology converts two-motion to one-way motion to generate electricity.

1. The mechanical input will be gravity assisted pendulum two-way motion.

2. The two-way motion will be turned into one-way by the mechanical motion rectifier (MMR).

3. The one-way motion speed will be increased by a gearbox.

4. The rotational energy will be stored in a flywheel for power smoothing.

5. The rotational motion will spin a generator to produce electricity.

To see the Aontreo producing electricity:

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