Selkie ‘Meet the Expert’ event – Manufacturing for the Marine Environment with Safinah Group

Continuing the Selkie project’s Meet the Expert series, world-leading coatings consultants Safinah Group lead a fantastic session on Manufacturing for the Marine Environment at the start of September.


As with many marine sectors, the offshore renewable energy industry has the challenge of manufacturing structures for the often-harsh conditions of the marine environment. Issues such as marine fouling and corrosion are just some of the problems to be considered and with an estimated $2 trillion spent per year on corrosion, specialist coatings are a vital consideration for all offshore renewable energy projects.


Safinah Group are experts in optimising coatings to protect marine assets. They offer independent consulting and technical services to the whole spectrum of coating activities covering the entire lifetime of an asset from product specification, selection and application to maintenance, repair and failure investigation.


Jon Bayley, of Safinah Group, lead a brilliant, interactive session detailing Safinah’s experience in coatings and how to reduce maintenance, costs and prolong the lifetime of assets in harsh environments. Covering various stages of projects, from design to operation, Jon highlighted the importance of early considerations in designs to reduce overall costs and performance for coatings, as well as understanding the installation/operation environment and considerations for maintenance and repair.


Overall, this session provided invaluable advice to all participants, with key takeaways relevant to designers, builders and developers at various project stages. The slides from the presentation can be found here.  To find out more information on Safinah Group and their work, please visit their website here.


With more Meet the Expert sessions coming up in September, there is still time to book your place for upcoming events. If you would like to register for these sessions, please view our scheduled events and register here.


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