Spotlight on the Selkie Network – Oisintech

Spotlight on the Selkie Network – Oisintech

Oisintech is an Irish software development company that specialises in providing high level technical software expertise and has extensive experience in building full end-to-end software products for the marine sector.  We have worked with a number of clients in the Irish university and research sectors and have produced complete solutions that delivered on these clients’ requirements. Our Irish university and research clients to date include MaREI/ UCC, NMCI Services and the Halpin Research Centre. We also provide a range of services to the commercial sector including SMEs. 

Oisintech is involved in developing an Operations & Maintenance (O&M) desktop application for SELKIE that simulates the installation and operation and maintenance of a wave or tidal energy farm, determining the energy production and costs over a project lifetime.  

The Selkie O&M model has been designed to consider the key logistics activities for the installation and O&M phase. This includes:

  1. Installation of the device and substructure. Installation of the electrical infrastructure (including substation) can be considered by entering an estimated total cost that is added to the final installation cost figure.
  2. O&M for components specified by the user.

To learn more about the about the Selkie O&M tool please click here.

To find out more about Oisintech and the services they offer, please visit their website here.