SELKIE tools – Converging ADCP tool for tidal stream energy sites

As part of Selkie Project’s work package 7, Swansea University is developing a C-ADCP (converging acoustic doppler current profiler) tool to measure high quality turbulence data in tidal stream energy sites. This aims to reduce costs and increase efficiency for developers which supports the overall aim of the SELKIE project to develop a streamlined commercialisation pathway for the marine renewable energy industry.

The open-source C-ADCP tool captures high resolution 3D flow velocity allowing the measurement of turbulence at all flow conditions and provides much higher quality data than a traditional (diverging) ADCP. This data will be beneficial in growing our scientific understanding and characterisation of the fluid dynamics of tidal stream sites. The tool has been designed to be easy to deploy and recover through the use of a deployment raft and self-recovery acoustic release system and so greatly reduces the traditional deployment costs of expensive vessel hire.

A quarter-scale model of this tool has been deployed at one of META’s Phase 1 Quayside sites, Criterion Jetty, to test the deployment and retrieval methodology as well as some sensor testing. META’s quayside sites provide an unparalleled easy access and low risk area for testing marine energy equipment. The full-scale unit will be deployed at META’s Phase 2 open-water tidal test site, Warrior Way, in the Autumn for full operational testing of the sensors.

Read more about the initial quarter scale testing here.

Recordings & Materials of C-ADCP launch at PRIMaRE

The quarter scale C-ADCP was launched in June 2021 at the PRIMaRE Conference.  At the conference, research assistant David Glasby and Professor Ian Masters presented a detailed overview of the tool and its application.  The presentations can be watched in the video below.  The slides from the presentations can also be accessed here.  To view the slides from testing the C-ADCP at META click here.

The full scale tool is currently being fabricated using the local supply chain.  This page will provide further updates on the development.

Full Scale C-ADCP Deployment & Recovery

The full scale C-ADCP was successfully deployed on 28th February 2022 at Marine Energy Test Area (META) open water site, Warrior Way.  The device was deployed for a month collecting high resolution tidal flow data.  The C-ADCP was certainly put through its paces during this period and withstood  the adverse weather brought about by storm Eunice.  The tool was recovered on 28th February and a month’s worth of data will be analysed by the Swansea University Marine Energy Research team. To view the video with Welsh subtitles please click here.

If you are interested in potentially testing this device please contact: