Foundation & Mooring Tool Demonstration

Foundation & Mooring Tool Presentation & Demonstration

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In this video Dr Paul Bonar  gives a presentation and demonstration on the gravity based foundations and anchors design tool.

The video initially introduces gravity based systems, he then goes on to run through the Selkie design procedure that has been proposed, before finally showing the first version of the new Selkie tool as coded in Python.

To view the slides from the presentation click here. 

In this video Chris Wright, Senior Engineer at GDG, presents key elements around the mooring module, which will be used to automate the initial sizing of a mooring system (both catenary and taut) for wave and tidal energy converters.


The Mooring system provides a vital element of station keeping, ensuring the marine renewable energy device is within the required offset envelope – meaning survivability of the dynamic power cable, allowing power produced to be exported to the grid.


To view the slides from the presentation please click here.