How to setup and use the SELKIE O&M and Logistics tool

How to Set Up and Use the SELKIE O&M Tool

The SELKIE open access Operation & Maintenance (O&M) decision-support tool has been developed to access a wide range of different wave and tidal technologies.  The O&M tool allows users to simulate operations considering uncertain factors such as weather window time and failures and analyse their impact on O&M costs, device availability and power production of a project.  The O&M tool will enable users to optimise the logistics required for the installation and O&M phase e.g. the selection of ports, offshore vessel fleet, schedule activity, operational strategy etc.

The video below explains how to download and set up the tool on your computer.  The open-source model and code is available through GitHub: GitHub – fdevoymcauliffe/Selkie .  The video should be used in addition to the user manual which is accessible once the tool has been downloaded, however, for quick reference the user manual can also be found here.

The second video below provides users with a demonstration of the O&M tool in use with a case study example.

We hope that these videos, as well as the user manual (above), offer clear, understandable instructions on how to use the tool.  If you have any further questions or queries about the SELKIE O&M tool please contact