Meet the Expert event materials – Certifications & Accreditations with Creo Skills

In the fast-developing marine energy industry, being able to certify and accredit products and services is an important part of demonstrating that businesses are able to deliver an expected level of professional standards required by the industry. Covering the accreditation processes and qualification frameworks across Wales and Ireland, Mike Cole of Creo Skills lead a fantastic session on Certifications & Accreditations as part of the Selkie Project’s Meet the Expert series.


Based in Wales, Creo Skills is a vocational education consultancy, which offers training, accreditation services and qualifications for employers and training organisations. Creo have been working to create new accreditations in the renewable energy sector for the last 10 years and have a vast amount of experience developing training and qualifications for a number of sectors.


After detailing the relative qualification frameworks for Wales and Ireland, it was highlighted that creating new sector qualifications may be an important part of developing the marine energy sector. In Wales in particular, creating credit-based qualifications is very accessible and once developed, full qualifications are usually highly transferable internationally. As Creo Skills have a great depth of experience in this area, there is real opportunity for industry and employers to engage with training providers and to help develop necessary sector qualifications.


Discussions during the Q&A also highlighted ways of progressing the sector with regards to training and qualifications. Mike detailed that it would be beneficial for employers to work together to specify their skills requirements and define an outline of industry needs. Through doing this, a basis of industry occupational standards can be built, and training providers can respond appropriately to develop the necessary training and qualifications.


Overall, this session was extremely useful to help employers and supply chain companies consider how the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for roles, can be accredited and in turn ensure that the standards required in the marine energy sector can be achieved and maintained.


To find out more about the training and accreditation services offered by Creo Skills, or to make enquiries with regards to creating new sector qualifications, please get in touch through their website here.


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