‘Meet the Expert’ event materials – Fabrication for Marine Energy with Mainstay Marine Solutions


With a vast array of projects and device designs across the marine energy sector, expert marine fabricators are a vital part of the supply chain. Skills required for the sector are often vastly transferable, giving opportunities for diversification to many fabricators across existing marine and manufacturing sectors.


As a marine fabricator based in Wales, Mainstay Marine Solutions carries a long legacy in boat-building and has a fantastic team who have been designing and building workboats for over 30 years in their deep-water facilities based in Pembroke Dock. With the specialist skillsets required and the company’s extensive marine knowledge and experience, Mainstay Marine have successfully diversified into the marine energy sector.


Now, Mainstay Marine also have a thorough technical understanding of fabricating and assembling prototype marine energy devices having completed four builds with the fifth due to start imminently. This includes the use of marine engineering expertise, intimate understanding of marine processes, optimum location for marine based projects and extensive experience in this emerging and fast-growing sector.


In this session, Mainstay’s Business Development Manager, Charlotte Wood, discussed their key successes and challenges of fabrication and engineering for the marine energy sector, experience of diversification and case studies of work that Mainstay Marine Solutions has carried out for leading marine renewable developers. To view the presentation slides please click here.


This brilliant presentation lead for an interactive discussion with participants, covering opportunities and challenges for meeting industry upscaling demands, the potential for collaboration between fabricators and possible ways to attract a skilled workforce to marine energy cluster areas, amongst others.


With more Meet the Expert sessions coming up in September, there is still time to book your place for upcoming events, including next week’s session on Manufacturing for the Marine Environment. If you would like to register for these sessions, please view our scheduled events and book your place here.


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