Meet the Expert event materials – Legal (Ireland) with LK Shields

After a fantastic introduction to offshore contracts in the UK with London-based Stephenson Harwood on Tuesday, the Selkie project hosted a second Legal Meet the Expert session with Irish solicitors, LK Shields. In this talk, Jamie Ritchie of LK Shields Solicitors gave a brilliant overview of the Irish market in offshore construction and contracts.


As a key member of the projects’ team at the leading Irish law firm, Jamie has acted in multiple offshore projects in locations across the world and shared some valuable insights from his in-depth experience in the industry.


Discussing the developing market within Ireland, it was highlighted that new legislation is now being developed in Ireland as part of the Maritime Area Planning Bill, replacing the current foreshore licensing regime. This new bill will involve one state consent of the maritime area and one development consent with a single environmental assessment. As a hugely significant step in ensuring Ireland meets its ambitious offshore renewables targets, the bill will be vital to consider in the forward planning for offshore projects in Irish waters.


Echoing the advice detailed by Stephenson Harwood in Tuesday’s session, LK Shields also noted the key considerations for managing risk in projects. These included clarity in contractor requirements and topically, ensuring specific clauses for events such as Brexit and COVID. A key takeaway was to ensure thorough understanding of the contractual framework and to be mindful of the amount of upstream risk you are taking on.


Both sessions provided a thorough overview of offshore contracts and were a fantastic opportunity for participants to gain an insight into legal considerations for projects on both sides of the Irish Sea. To find out more about legal considerations for Irish offshore projects, please get in touch with our experts through the LK Shields Solicitors website.


To access the recording of the event please see the video above and download the session presentation here.


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