Meet the Expert event materials – Legal (Wales) with Stephenson Harwood

Following on from our fantastic start of the Meet the Expert series with Sell2Wales and Renewable Risk Advisers, our most recent sessions covered the legal considerations required for offshore marine projects. Over two sessions, we heard from UK-based firm Stephenson Harwood and Irish-based solicitors LK Shields to gather a perspective on the similarities and differences on offshore legal matters across the Irish Sea.


In Tuesday’s session, Stephenson Harwood gave an overview of the legal considerations for offshore projects. As a leading law firm with 9 offices worldwide, their extensive experience in the maritime and energy sectors has led them to engage with several leading offshore wind, tidal and wave projects across the UK.


Cathal Leigh-Doyle and Tom Adams of Stephenson Harwood discussed the important factors to consider in minimising a company’s exposure to risk within contracts for offshore projects. In doing so, the standards, wording and key elements to include/avoid with contracts were outlined with particular reference to the differences for all parties involved. Key takeaways for contractors included gaining detailed clarity on the required scope of work and the accuracy of the design from the employer, as well as considering ramifications for delay and avoiding fitness for purpose warranties where possible. In contrast, key advice for employers included seeking to transfer risk by providing functional specifications for designs and ensuring contractors take ownership of reviewing company designs as part of the contract.


The complexities of offshore projects with regards to legal considerations, highlighted the importance of consulting with experts in the field and the need to engage early in project development. To find out more for the experts in the session, please get in touch through their website: Stephenson Harwood.


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