Selkie has Three Academic Research Papers Presented at EWTEC 2021

Selkie has Three Academic Research Papers Presented at EWTEC 2021

The Selkie project was proud to have three academic research papers presented by the Swansea University Marine Energy Research Team at the European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Plymouth 2021 earlier this month.

The European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC) series are international, technical and scientific conferences, focussing on renewable marine energy – wave and tidal – which are derived from the water column in the ocean. Since its inception, EWTEC has provided global focus for all activities in wave and tidal energy conversion technologies, research, development and demonstration. EWTEC is widely respected for its commitment to high quality of academic and industrial contributions, which are peer reviewed, delivered at the conference and published in the proceedings.

The Selkie papers presented were:

  1. A preliminary assessment of the use of drones to quantify current velocities at tidal stream sites (Authors: Iain A. Fairley, Benjamin Williamson, Jason McIlvenny, Matt Lewis, Simon Neill, Ian Masters, Alison J. Williams, Dominic E. Reeve) Click here to view full paper.

  1. Output of a tidal farm in yawed flow and varying turbulence using GAD-CFD without power tracking (Authors: Charles E. Badoe,, Xiaorong Li , Alison J. Williams and Ian Masters) Click here to view the full paper.

  1. A three-dimensional regional scale model for tidal stream turbine implementation and impact assessment (Authors: Xiaorong Li, Ming Li, Judith Wolf, Alison J. Williams, Charles Badoe, and Ian Masters) Click here to view the full paper.

Marine energy technologies and systems are progressing well with pathways to commercialisation identified.  EWTEC provides a biennial forum for those at the forefront of research and technology development in the marine energy sector where they meet, interact, present their latest knowledge, debate new ideas and issues pertinent to wave and tidal energy conversion. EWTEC provides attendees with an unparalleled forum for knowledge transfer and debate at the cutting edge of marine renewable energy technology.

To contribute to such ground breaking development in tidal and wave energy has been a significant goal of the Selkie project, which aims to develop a streamlined commercialisation pathway for the marine renewable energy industry in Wales and Ireland.

The papers form part of  work packages 6 & 7 of the Selkie project; Physical and Numerical Modelling of Wave and Tidal Energy Arrays and Sensor Optimization Development, build of a converging beam ADCP for current, wave and turbulence measurements, data analysis and pilot applications.  These areas of expertise are led by Dr Alison Williams and Professor Ian Masters of Swansea University Marine Energy Research Team who are one of two academic partners of the project.

The Selkie project is fund by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland-Wales Cooperation Programme.