SELKIE Supply Chain Diversification Webinar – Materials

SELKIE Supply Chain Diversification Webinar – Materials

In the first webinar of the Selkie series in August, we focused on the importance of diversification and innovation to the sustainability of a busines; and the opportunities in the wave and tidal stream sectors. Please click below to watch the webinar ‘Sustainability through Diversification’. 

The current climate has shown that now, more than ever, growing our green (or blue) economy is so important. The recent hardship has also enforced the importance of local supply chain sustainability to businesses. It is for that reason, diversification into the marine renewable energy sector can help.

This is a rapidly growing sector, with many opportunities arising as well as political and financial backing. Listen to our webinar and join the SELKIE network to learn why you should get involved in the marine renewable energy sector!


1400 – Welcome and background information on the SELKIE Project from TJ Horgan, Project Manager from University College Cork (UCC).

1410 – “The Firm or the Region: What Determines Innovation Outcomes of Firms?” from Sustainability work package leader, Dr Frank Crowley, Co-Director at the Spatial and Regional Economics Research Centre, UCC.

1440 – An overview of the marine energy sector in Wales, cross-border collaboration and opportunities for supply chain diversification from Jess Hooper, Programme Manager at Marine Energy Wales.

1450 – Information on how to join the SELKIE cross-border innovation network and plans for future supply chain events from Sarah Livett, SELKIE Project Officer at Menter Môn.

1455 – Q&A