Selkie Welcomes CGG to the Network

Selkie Welcomes CGG to the Network

We are pleased to give CGG a warm welcome to the Selkie Network.

CGG is a global geoscience technology leader that provides data, products, services and solutions for complex natural resource, environmental and infrastructure challenges. With its internationally recognized earth science expertise, advanced data and cutting-edge technology, CGG can deliver critical environmental intelligence across the land, ocean and atmosphere. This insight enables partners and clients to monitor and reduce their environmental impact on our planet.

CGG expertise, data and technology will enable Selkie network partners to: 

  1. Reduce natural resource exploration and development risk for Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) developers  
  2. Gain greater environmental insight with advanced monitoring and analysis for MRE projects
  3. Be more efficient, effective and responsible in growing their new energy projects through expert data integration and analysis

To learn more about CGG’s Environmental Science services, please visit their website here: