SELKIE Work Package 4 Deliver Lecture on GIS Techno-Economic Tool

SELKIE Work Package 4 Deliver Lecture on GIS Techno-Economic Tool

SELKIE work package 4 lead, Ross O’Connell recently had the opportunity to deliver a lecture on the Geographic Information System Techno-Economic  calculator tool (GIS T-E).  The Selkie GIS T-E is the most up to date GIS tool covering Wales and Ireland, enabling strategic decisions for optimum site selection for specifically defined technologies.  The Techno- Economic side of the tool provides valuable project feasibility data and assessment criteria. 

Ross was invited to give a guest lecture to engineering students on the Ocean Energy module at University College Cork.  It was encouraging to learn that the presentation was well received by students and lecturers.  It was apparent that the students engaged positively during the lecture, asking relevant and valid questions.  Students were particularly interested to discover when the tool would be available to use, so that they can take advantage of the GIS- TE as a learning platform and a source of data for projects.  

SELKIE were delighted with the feedback from the lecture and even more so to hear that the lecturer at UCC is now intending to use the GIS T-E in next year’s Ocean Energy curriculum.

The tool is aimed at a wide range of end users not only by industry and government, but also as a powerful learning application in academia.  Accurate and up-to-date geographic information system (GIS) and techno economic (TE) decision support tools are pertinent to helping to develop the renewable energy sector.  

The tool will be available to download and access shortly during the new year.

To watch a video demonstration of the GIS T-E please click here.

The slides from the lecture can be viewed here.