The Selkie Network

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The Selkie Network is a cross-border Ireland-Wales network of marine energy SMEs and supply chain companies.


Selkie aims to provide non-financial business support to 150 SMEs across Wales and Ireland through our Selkie business support network.


Whether you’re currently working in the marine energy industry, or are looking to diversify, we are inviting businesses across Wales and Ireland to become part of our free cross-border network and join a diverse range of businesses gaining support in the industry.


How can you benefit?

  • Full training for use of the Selkie tools
  • Access to workshops and webinars on key industry topics
  • Support for testing and developing new products
  • Access to conducting data analysis and modelling
  • Knowledge transfer from leading industry and academic experts
  • Support with business planning and R&D grant preparation
  • Networking opportunities to build contacts in a fast-growing industry


Join our growing network! Contact for further details on joining the Selkie Network.

Learn more about the SELKIE network by watching the introduction to the network video on our page here

Our Selkie Network members