The Selkie project is developing a set of multi-use technology, engineering and operation tools, templates, standards and models for use across this sector.


GIS Techno-Economic Models

These tools will link the Ireland/Wales Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to a techno-economic model. This will enable the assessment of MRE sites in relation to resource, optimum technology, cable routes, logistics, grid connection etc.

Foundations and Mooring Design

There are no specific design codes for MRE and methodologies taken from the Oil & Gas Industry are generally used. However, these are not suited to MRE and do not provide optimum designs. In Selkie, foundation and mooring work will be led by the beneficiary GDG Ltd.

Physical and Numerical Array Modelling

Selkie focuses on research in wave and tidal energy modelling and array interaction and correlation using a modified Computational Fluid Dynamics Technique. Led by SU.


Sensor Optimisation and 

Data Analysis

Evaluation and monitoring of pilot designs through sophisticated sensors are critical for understanding and learning purposes, as well as guiding new improved designs.



O&M and Logistics Models

The Selkie project will develop a suite of bespoke models for the MRE sector to optimise logistics and O&M processes, building upon the knowledge developed within the offshore wind industry but incorporating solutions for the additional challenges that are specific to MRE.



The team will “get technology in the water” at pre-commercial pilot stage (up to TRL6) at established deployment zones in, Ireland and Wales.




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