GIS Techno-economic Tool Development and Application

There are many techno-economic models available for renewable energy but only a few are suitable for wave and tidal. Most models are not open access, and are limited by a lack of information on both the technology and the site. This task will develop a GIS linked tool that will contain site relevant data for both Ireland and Wales such that strategic decisions can be made on optimum sites for specifically defined technologies.

The techno-economic GIS tool developed here will be open source and populated with open-source data sets



      1. Design and develop a GIS techno-economic (GIS-TE) model, suitable for Irish and Welsh wave and tidal enterprises and developers.
      2. Test and apply tool using generic test case.
      3. Employ tool in pilot sites.
      4. Produce general techno-economic recommendations for Irish and Welsh technologies and proposed development site.

Workpackage 4 Research Team:

  • Ross O’Connell
  • Rebecca Furlong
  • Marco Guerrini
  • Margaret Cullinane 



Report on state of the art for GIS-TE models and outline of tool functionality.


Techno-economic report and recommendations for tidal case study.


GIS-TE model and testing results, Open Access.


Techno-economic report and recommendations for wave case.