SELKIE Foundations & Mooring Systems Webinar – Materials

SELKIE Foundations & Mooring Systems Webinar – Materials

In the third webinar in the Selkie supply chain series, we focused on Foundations and Mooring Systems for the wave and tidal stream sectors. The recording and presentations are available below.

As mentioned in the webinar, Selkie is looking for input and feedback on the tools being developed during the project. The Foundations and Mooring Systems questionnaire can be found here – we would very much appreciate your comments.

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Agenda with available presentations:

Chair – Jay Sheppard, Marine Energy Wales


2:00: TJ Horgan, Selkie Project

Title: Introduction to the Selkie Project

2:05: Dr Paul Bonar, Offshore Research Engineer, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions Ltd

Title: Foundation and mooring system design in the marine energy sector

2:15: Dr Majid Hussain, Postdoctoral Researcher, MaREI Centre, University College Cork

Title: Design tools for foundations and mooring systems

2:20: Kate Dineen, Research Masters Student, MaREI Centre, University College Cork

Title: Assessment of mooring and foundation design practices for ocean energy converters

2:25: Sara Armstrong, DP Energy

Title: Selkie Foundation and Moorings Tools: A Project Developer Perspective

2:35 Mattias Lynch & Pierrick Del Belizal, INNOSEA

Title: PREDIN & STATIONIS: Predesign tools for Bottom fixed and Floating Wind

2:50: Sophie Crouch, Selkie Project

Title: The Selkie network